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Sabbatical Program

In November 2016 The Uganda Episcopal Conference agreed that a Sabbatical Program be started at St. Augustine’s Institute, starting 2018.A year later, the bishops endorsed the draft for the Sabbatical program which is now unleashed in this prospective.

It is ushered in with a 30 day Ignatian retreat, followed by seven weeks which are carefully designed to foster the participant’s relation with the inner self, with God and with others.


The modules for each week comprise a particular theme: 

Week 1-2: A better understanding of one’s personality type using the Enneagram model. This is followed by an 11 days’ recession.

Week 3: Self-knowledge: a better understanding of self mainly from a psychological point of view. Five modules, one for each day from Monday to Friday.

Week 4: Relation with the different people we normally interact with.

Week 5: Selected areas of pastoral work.

Week 6: Basic skills of helping in the growth of others through counseling.

 Week 7: Selected areas of personal healing, recollection, evaluation and picnic. End of the sabbatical program. The table below shows a schematic presentation of the Sabbatical Program.


Course Modules

Renewal and prayer life: meditation and contemplation

30-Day Ignatian retreat

Personality types


(8 Days excluding weekend)


Emotional Intelligence

The Ego and the Real Self

Defensive Mechanisms

The Destructive Critic in Us

Transaction Analysis


Community Life

Sexuality and Celibacy

Bishops/priests relations

Relations with support staff

Forgiveness & conflict management

Ministry Skills

Parish administration

Project writing & management

Church land management

Information Technology  and Evangelization

Basic Counseling Skills

Listening and Empathy



Feedback, paraphrasing, summarizing and Constructive Criticism


Managing Stress and Burnout

Healing of Trauma


Evaluation,  Picnic,



Sabbatical Program in Detail

Date                         Activity                                     Facilitator                                  
15 Sep - 17 Oct 30 Day Retreat Fr. George Ukken SJ
18 - 19 Oct Orientation

St. Augustine's Institute Team

22 - 21 Oct Enneagram

Sr. Florence and Sr. Bridgit

01 - 11 Nov Holiday Break Recess
12-Nov-18 Emotional Intelligence Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde
13-Nov-18 The Ego and the real self

Fr. Wjnand Huys MHM

14-Nov-18 The destructive critic in us Fr. Wjnand Huys MHM
15-Nov-18 Defensive mechanisms Fr. Wjnand Huys MHM
16-Nov-18 Transactional analysis Msgr. Gervase Mukasa
19-Nov-18 Community Life Fr. Wjnand Huys MHM
20-Nov-18 Sexuality and Celibacy Sr. Florence Osara
21-Nov-18 Bishops/Priests relationships Bishop Joseph Anthony Zziwa
22-Nov-18 Relationship with support staff Msgr. Gervase Mukasa
23-Nov-18 Forgiveness and Conflict Management

Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde

26-Nov-18 Parish Administration Fr. Stephen Onyeba
27-Nov-18 Project writing, management
and reporting
Dr. Lugemoi Wilfred Bongomin
28-Nov-18 Church land management Fr. Richard Kayaga

Church land management

Fr. Richard Kayaga

Information technology and
Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde
03-Dec-18 Listening and Empathy St. Augustine's Institute Team
04-Dec-18 Exploration St. Augustine's Institute Team
05-Dec-18 Affirmation St. Augustine's Institute Team
06-Dec-18 Feedback, paraphrasing
St. Augustine's Institute Team
07-Dec-18 Challenge, Constructive
St. Augustine's Institute Team

Managing Stress and Burnout

Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde

11-Dec-18 Trauma Sr. Florence and Sr. Bridgit
12-Dec-18 Recollection

Sr. Sarah Namala IHMR

13-Dec-18 Evaluation and free day St. Augustine's Institute Team
14-Dec-18 Picnic

St. Augustine's Institute Team


Departure after Breakfast









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