Course John

Course John is offered by the St. Andrew’s School of Evangelization in Canada, together with their counterparts in Uganda.

The St. Andrew School of Evangelization is a Catholic ministry of lay people and clergy, evangelizing, proclaiming the gospel in the model of the apostle St. Andrew. St. Andrew, upon encountering the Christ, first went to get his brother Simon Peter. (Cf. John1:35-42)


Their mission states: “We want to bring the 'Simon Peters' of the world to Jesus, who will serve, preach, and love our Lord Jesus more, and better than ourselves, being bold witnesses of the saving message of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.”

Course John is one of three basic packages of the St. Andrew School of Evangelization which will be offered at St. Augustine’s Institute. Its objective is for participants: “to grow in knowledge and have an experience of Jesus through the eyes of the four evangelist gospel writers”.

Unlike other courses, Course John will also be attended by lay members.
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