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30 Days Ignatian Retreat

“He who goes about to reform the world must begin with himself, or he loses his labor.”Ignatius of Loyola.

As priests and religious we have embraced a vocation which requires us to “reform the world.” Yet we can spend the whole of our life without serious effort to reform ourselves. Ignatius tells us that this is wastage of time. However, he does more than that: he proposes a program that over

many centuries has been time-tested and has transformed numerous ordinary men and women into saints and martyrs, beginning with Ignatius himself and his companions.

This is the 30 Day Retreat or the Spiritual Exercises. Not that we have not tried to reform ourselves, to grow from sin and embrace virtue. How many
retreats and recollections we have attended, how many confessions, how many good resolutions! Yet we often have the experience over time, of realizing that we are not much different than before.

There is no guarantee that the 30 day retreat will transform you; there are many who have attended it and remained the same, or become worse. But that is no reason not to give it a trial. The fact that many have been led to sanctity through the Spiritual Exercises is good enough reason to try them. After all, the decision to allow God to transform you depends on you.

2018 will be the third year in a row in which St. Augustine’s Institute schedules a 30-Day Retreat. In the last two years the Spiritual
Exercises have had an unexpectedly high number of participants. For that
reason, in 2018two retreats have been scheduled in order to cope with the numbers. The second retreat will usher the participants in the 3-month sabbatical program. However, those who do not wish to continue with the sabbatical program will leave after the retreat. It should be pointed out though, that priority of enrollment will be given to participants of the sabbatical program.